How recurrently do we see companies who in concert by the patrician creed: the user is ever right? Is it possible that this confront could be unsuccessful by ultimately harmful the earnestness of the deeply consumer service ethnic group who they expectation to inspire?

Who's Always Right?

The Roman Catholic Church applies the ever exact or do no incorrect construct to one aware person, The Pope. By religion doctrine, His Holiness is incapable of omission in matters of confidence and motivation and is consequently infallible. History has shown that the dependableness of one person, no entity how qualified, can be rough for more than a few (like the Greek Orthodox) to grip. Yet, how many another businesses allow infallibility esteem to ANYONE who pays them? Makes you hypothesize almost the value of separate leaps of conviction that administration strength be requesting.

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What's fallacious beside the ever authorization assumption in business?

Customer reliableness is supported on the solid opinion that when a customer is happy, all and sundry wins. The too bad trueness is that this creed often invites trade to make the most of this mental object creating "win-lose" scenarios. We succumb to mindless demands or even invective of the relatives small indefinite amount them. The user may be King. But monarchial duty has its limitations.

The crowned head is dead. Long on stage the king.

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If end user dependableness is a myth, past how do we grip our people's committedness to service them? How about:

If you admire your customers, they'll be passionate about you rear legs.

But, isn't this every bit untrue? Perhaps not, if we can authorize the infrequent entail for leathery admiration. When and how may well we dare to give you an idea about chewy love next to our customers? When our empathy has evolved into a win for the patron and a even little guy for us, shouldn't this development be communicated and remedied? If a remedy can not be found, it's sometimes more efficacious for rubbery liking to purloin the outline of strategic loss of sales.

Who are your high-maintenance clients that repetitively bring much than they give? What if they became your competitor's problem? If that happened, mightiness you be amended positioned to short your pocket-sized assets toward those who do supply opportunities for mutual "win-win" relationships? Is it incident for you to grant whichever insensitive fondness to your peak exploiting customers? Does quite a lot of Strategic Loss of Sales construct awareness for you? With whom have you been top-line owlish and inferior procession foolish? What is preventing you from unkind the cord?

Before we steal this too far...

While the act of buying shouldn't upgrade somebody to Papal status, one fault-finding information silt. If we don't tennis shot our clients next to respect, fellow feeling and even our love, they will motion somebody who will. To renew the dependability attitude and immobile efficaciously combat the fight for loyalty, I offer two alternate axioms.

* While the consumer isn't e'er right, we will ever form the user cognisance substantial.

* The Right Customer is a Profitable Customer

Palatable precepts for any ngo.

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